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Transform your business with technology

Transform your business with latest Technology

All-in-One partner for Custom Software, Cloud, AI and IOT.

Analytics powered

Our Services

Utilize the full potential of your business through tailored technological solutions. Our custom software services are designed to revolutionize your operations, offering a strategic advantage that goes beyond off-the-shelf solutions. By harnessing the power of custom software, businesses can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies such as data analytics, cloud computing, IoT, and AI/ML solutions into their workflows. This convergence not only creates a competitive edge in the market but also enhances efficiency, accuracy, and innovation across all facets of your business.

Unlock the true potential of your data with our custom software solutions that prioritize data analytics, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making. Embrace the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing to optimize resource utilization and facilitate seamless collaboration. Our integration of IoT ensures that your business stays connected in real-time, enabling smarter processes and improved monitoring. Moreover, with AI/ML solutions embedded in our custom software, we empower your business to automate tasks, predict trends, and stay ahead of the curve. At Eera Technology, we're not just delivering software; we're crafting a digital ecosystem tailored to elevate your business, creating not just a technological upgrade but a transformative journey that positively impacts your bottom line.


Enjoy cost savings, flexibility, mobility, collaboration and security by switching to cloud. Focus on most critical aspects of business than standing up or maintaining infrastructure.


Charge your organization with IOT systems. From smart solutions for manufacturing to inventory management to advertising.

Analytics powered by AI/ML

Be it wide range of analytical services including from operational analytics, marketing to industrial and much more. From KPI dashboards to advanced insights using AI/ML.

Application development

Solutions for all sectors. Gain competitive advantage with custom software

Integrated Solutions

Success takes more than one thing. Our clients excel because we deliver comprehensive integrated solutions.

Empowering Digital Transformation

We focus on key technologies that deliver business value for our organization.

Competitive Advantage

We turn technology into your competitive advantage

Empowering Digital Transformation

Why Us, Why Now

data infrastructure for future

Set your data infrastructure for future with Cloud

Apply the speed and agility of cloud services to better serve business needs and better outcomes. It means creating a cloud framework that empowers staff to quickly access the tools and resources they need — without compromising security

From better foundational operational UI and dashboards to analytics to discovering hidden value with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Revolutionize your business with AI

Revolutionize your business with AI powered analytics

Innovate with Internet of Things

Innovate with Internet
of Things

Implement novel IOT solutions to increase revenue, decrease cost, enhance security, improve productivity and efficiency in your business. Leverage AI with IOT for competitive advantage.

Our Clients Are Saying

What Our Clients Are Saying

Great service! For a small firm like ours , we really valued the insight and expertise to explore the richness of our data. Good job guys!

Jess Brown , CEO


Thank you Eera team for delivering on our project on time. Great value to the service provided . It’s one of the best projects we have under taken this year.

Shane Douglous, CTO

Smiling Man in Suit

Its been a complete overhaul of our analytics and we are already reaping rewards. Eera is one of our best external partners.

Eric J, Owner

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